There are a number of misleading email and postal notifications circulating, requesting authorisation to renew domains or verify ownership. Our advice, if your domain is registered with Mirata Ltd, is to ignore these unless they are actually from Mirata Ltd. Please be aware Mirata Ltd only sends renewal reminders by e-mail and these are always from the domain. If in doubt you can email Mirata Ltd to verify their authenticity.

If you receive notification from any company other than Mirata Ltd, please note this is not a renewal reminder. Examples of companies with a business model based on this unethical practice are Domain Renewal Group, and Domain Registry Of America (DROA). There exists no complete list of such companies, and the same company may operate under different names. Such companies find your contact details on a WHOIS look up of your domain name, then use mass mailing methods to send out invoice-like letters and emails to domain owners. The companies do not clearly reveal their intentions, but their aim is to convince the owner to transfer the domain or to purchase other web services.

If you have already paid a company like this and feel you were misled then please contact trading standards as they can in some instances force the company to issue a refund. If you are ever unsure about a renewal reminder please do not hesitate to contact us.

Emails sent from Mirata Ltd relating to renewals, payments, account updates etc, are all displayed within your personal customer area. By logging in and clicking "Email History", you can verify if an email has been sent from our system.

Friday, January 1, 2021

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