Signing 3rd Party Agreements

When we begin a business relationship with a customer, we don’t ask you to sign a contract, and we don’t sign contracts issued by our customers. That said, we understand that some organizations and institutions have created complex written legal agreements (or contracts) when working with 3rd parties. These agreements (or contracts) may require reciprocal signatures, and may be issued as a prerequisite (or condition) to commissioning services from suppliers. In some circumstances, without the signing of such documents, commissioning of services may not be able to take place.

Whilst we are happy to sign such documents or contracts, it should be noted that Mirata will only do so in order to facilitate a clients administrative processes. We do not commit to fulfill or uphold any of the requirements or obligations contained within such documents. Please also be aware that our signature (or that of any director) on such a document should not be considered in any way contractual (and should definitely not be considered to have any basis in law). Should you present such a document to us, then we will ensure that we make you aware of these ‘non-binding zero liability’ (NBZL) conditions prior to signing and returning the document (signatures will also contain the prefix “NBZL” to indicate these conditions).

Clients should be aware that this process is a paper exercise only and does not imply any form of legal relations.

At our discretion, we may require a fee for signing such documents.

By engaging in any Project, Service or Activity with Mirata Ltd you indicate your acceptance of this policy.
Mirata Ltd will review this policy every 5 years.

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