Web Based Software Applications

Web based software that can support all your business and organisational needs. Our solutions are accessible from anywhere in the world and there’s no hardware or software to buy, install or maintain.

Customer Relationship Management System [CRM]

Designed for organisations and businesses that require a powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution with a low cost base. This web based CRM software enables interactions, with customers, clients, suppliers, sales prospects and other entities, allowing you to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes.

This package includes - The setting up of your CRM system, ongoing hosting and backup, help with data import, unlimited users, training tutorials, and email support.

Form Builder and Data Capture System

Form Builder is a Secure Online Tool for building unlimited questionnaires and surveys, with unlimited components, allowing for unlimited responses. With multiple question types including text, numeric, drop-downs, multiple choice, spam protection and much more, it's easy to create powerful data capture forms using a drag and drop interface.

This package includes - The setting up of your Form Builder Account, initial design of branded forms, training, data capture tips, and email support.

Learning Management System [LMS]

We provide hosting and support for some of the world’s most popular Open Source Learning Management Systems (LMS). Our solutions are designed specifically to manage internet-based learning. Educators, teachers and trainers can quickly assemble and distribute instructional content and conduct interactive training and mentoring on-line.

QR Code Generator (Lifetime Access)

Get Lifetime Access to our QR Code Generator. Generate unlimited QR Codes in multiple formats. There are over a dozen different applications available within the Mirata Ltd QR Code Generator service, including the ability to use bespoke colours, different logos and a variety of frame designs. A QR code (Quick Response code) is a two-dimensional barcode or machine-readable optical label used to store detailed information.