We create web solutions designed to help you connect and relate.

Mirata provides a complete range of web-based solutions, designed to address the information and communication needs within your organisation. We do this by managing and distributing our solutions to customers across the Internet, from servers based in central data centers. Visit our sales website to find out more.

Website Building and Content Creation Tools

Fully-featured web building tools that can be used for everything from simple WordPress websites and online shops, to complex corporate applications, such as Portals, Intranets and Extranets.

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Hosting and Server Management

We offer organisations and businesses reliability, advanced security features, interactive scripting, industry-leading storage, full backup services and amazing bandwidth capacity.

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Consultancy and Support Services

Our dedicated Internet Development Team is structured to deal quickly with your everyday web updates. We also have mechanisms for escalating issues related to your organisations web development and marketing strategies.

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E-Learning, Training and Mentoring Solutions

Enterprise software and services that can power a total 'e-Education Infrastructure'. Our solutions are ideal for schools, colleges, universities, and other education, training and mentoring providers.

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Web Software and Application Development

Web based software that can support all your business and organisational needs. Our solutions are accessible from anywhere in the world and there's no hardware or software to buy, install or maintain.

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Video and Multimedia Development

Wide ranging sets of technologies and mediums such as USB, Computer Based Training, Screensavers, Video Walls, Rolling Demos, 3D Work, Digital Audio, TV Production and Streaming and much more.

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Email accounts upgraded from 400MB to 1GB

We are upgrading the mailbox size for standard email accounts from 400MB to 1GB from today. At Mirata Ltd, we appreciate feedback from you, our customers, and use it as a guide to help us continue to meet all of your web hosting needs. We know that an increase in mailbox size is something you have wanted for a while, and it feels great to provide ... Read More »

Misleading domain renewal notices

There are a number of misleading email and postal notifications circulating, requesting authorisation to renew domains or verify ownership. Our advice, if your domain is registered with Mirata Ltd, is to ignore these unless they are actually from Mirata Ltd. Please be aware Mirata Ltd only sends renewal reminders by e-mail and these are always ... Read More »

False domain suspension warnings

A phishing campaign is targeting the owners of internet domains in an attempt to spread malware. The emails are presented as a notice of domain suspension, claiming that the user's domain (registered website address) has received several complaints and that they are suspending their service. Help Net Security reports that the emails contain "the ... Read More »